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Pirates v Truro Racketball


The long-awaited return to the Cornish leagues of Racketball (aka the Dark Side) couldn’t have happened in a finer place! Enter the swash buckling pirates of PZ verses Truro’s hottest and finest (plus debutant Pete!) and you’ve got the essentials for a great night! What a way to kick off the dark arts of big black balls and snow shoe bats!

First on was broad-side destroyer Chris ‘Champ’ Davey against determined Jules ‘fancy feet’ Roberts. Jules made the stronger start forcing Chris into far too many unforced errors. Truro 1-0 with ease! Away support buoyant! Davey, however, worked his way into the 2nd game with super lengths and deceptive delays, as he does. The tables quickly turned (therefore) and Jules found himself on the back foot and home crowd roars were soon heard all the way to St Michael’s Mount as the Pirates notched up 3-1 opening W.

Tim Poole, the one and only, came out of retirement especially to play for both the pirates squash and RB teams in a week and found himself up against rising RB Truro star Harry! The old pirate guard had just too much skill and court craft for Harry who put up a good fight nonetheless! Doubtless, Next Generation Truro will return stronger and better for the lesson!

Truro’s Pete ‘Sky’ Walker made his debut appearance at racketball for his club but was confronted with Pirate stalwart Peter ‘Pan’ Eddy. The score line was as predicted 3-0 but each and every point for the Truro player must have been warmly applauded. Thus, the battle of the two Petes ended with home victory.

The recognised top dogs and #1s were on next. Harry’s dad Jon must have been drooling at the prospect of taking out the county O50 RB champion! Jon set off at a great pace dominating the play with long and shot testers which had Nigel scrambling all over the court. He enjoys that! Nigel then dug in and clawed back the initiative. It was as nip and tuck all the way – 2 a-piece – the match poised! A tense fifth awaited! Nigel slow balled Jon onto his backhand thereby taking control of the match and ran out 11/5 winner!

A cracking opening RB match finished off with a few beers and tasty curry in the club house. The return match is already being planned…..Come on you PIRATES 🏴‍☠️ !! Nigel

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