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Cornwall Vets Comp Needs You! O45, O50, O55 and Ladies O35

Thank you to those players who have already entered (you will have received confirmation) and those who have let me know they are unable to enter this year. However I know there is still a week to go before the closing date but I am VERY short of entries so far. The O35 group is the only one well supported but I will run any group with 2 or more players just to keep the competition running and will arrange a ‘round robin’ for those groups with 3 or 4 players in.

So it is down to you to get your entry in NOW if you intend to. There are several of the usual players in the ‘older groups’ who have not entered and I hope it is not through retirement!

Looking forward to getting your entry soon.


Brian Goodman

Cornwall squash
& racketball

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