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There are a number of facilities to play Squash & racketball in cornwall
What we do

Welcome to Cornwall Squash & Racketball

We are a non-profit organisation that represents England Squash in the far Southwest of the country. It is run by volunteers, who are generally members of the squash scene in Cornwall.

We have six affiliated clubs that we promote.

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affiliated clubs
Our Aims

squash and racketball can be a powerful tool for social inclusion and personal development

Promote and encourage a fun environment for the game of Squash Rackets and Racketball to be played, and to further its growth and development at all levels in the County in conjunction with England Squash initiatives and development of localised strategies to suit the demographics and geography of Cornwall County.

Work with local authorities, community centres, leisure centres and private clubs to secure and maintain access to courts for playing squash and racketball and encourage them to enhance access to squash facilities within the County of Cornwall.

Maintain and uphold the rules and objectives of the National Governing Body, ensure implementation of our Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding Policies alongside the other county practices and procedures laid out in our Governance document.

Ensure there are pathways of development available for those that wish to increase their standard of play.  Train, select and manage county teams for inter county matches and to arrange individual county championships, club team leagues and other competitions.

What is squash?

A squash game lasts around 40 minutes so can fit into busy lifestyles and is a great family activity. It’s relatively cheap too as leisure centre courts usually cost under £10 to hire. You’ll also find a thriving social scene in Cornwall with clubs who organise regular club nights, leagues and competitions.

Squash is a great physical and mental workout, it gets the whole body moving and active, a cardiovascular HiiT workout that develops power, speed and agility whilst improving strategic thinking, awareness and the ability to focus. 

If you’re seeking a slightly slower version of the game, that is easier to pick up and less demanding physically whilst offering the same health and wellness benefits, there’s a growing racketball/Squash 57 community.

What is Racketball?

Also known as Squash 57.

If you relish long rallies, a great cardio workout but a slower pace, Squash 57 is the game for you. Played with a slightly larger racket and a bigger, bouncier ball, Squash 57 is brilliant fun and ideal for those new to playing on a squash court and getting used to the additional angles and walls.

Racketball is a fast growing sport as it has less barriers to play, with simpler rules, people are able to hit the ball more easily and develop rallies quicker to provide the cardiovascular, physical and mental benefits without the technical requirements and physical capabilities normally needed to play a game of squash.

Leagues, tournaments and events

There are county winter leagues for players of all abilities to take part in. These are through the affiliated clubs with multiple divisions to provide somewhere for players of all standards to get involved, so attend a club night and get yourself playing with the members to see what division you might fit in to.

Most clubs also have internal leagues, a good way to meet and play with new people on a more competitive basis than club nights.  A county ladder has also been started for those clubs in the North and East of the County that do not have the capacity to run internal leagues.

A number of tournaments and events are held in Cornwall, and further afield each year. These include county championships in both squash and racketball, handicap events, festivals with a bias towards the “friendly” competition, fundraising and social opportunities. The best place to keep up-to-date with these is on our What’s on page or the County Facebook page.

Fancy taking up squash or racketball?

There are six active clubs across the region

Cornwall squash
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